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New for 2016! Four years ago I presented on the importance of school libraries and the power of advocating for our libraries. Turn around, fast forward and it's October 2016! The message is still the same. School libraries are important as an integral part of academic achievement. I have collected more articles, more images and videos and at this session will share these with YOU! I have categorized advocacy efforts into the following:

  • College and Career Ready
  • The Common Core and Information Literacy
  • InfoGlut/Misinformation
  • The Myth of the Digital Native
  • Information Literacy/Search vs. Research
  • Plagiarism

2016 Session Information
Thursday, Oct. 13, 12-12:45 p.m., Polaris Ballroom C - NOW...More Than Ever.....Why School Libraries are Essential Have you heard of the "filter bubble'", "the shallows", the digital native, the 6" football player in Madden NFL football and, now, your personal information as currency? Join me as we take a walk down the unsacred halls of misinformation and deception. Come prepared to examine why, in an age of information overload and confusion, information literacy is key. All examples, materials and presentation, will be shared with attendees online. Strands: Strand 1: Technology

My PPT presentation can be found HERE