Welcome to the "Why School Libraries" Wiki!

Let's advocate for our school libraries. Let your voice be heard! In this wiki there are three main pages from the original presentation at the 2012 OELMA conference. Others were added at a later date. The three original pages are:
  • Powerful presentations
  • Ready resources
  • Sensational student voices!

I hope you will use these resources to not only advocate within your school district to parents, teachers and administrators, but also, to the larger community outside the schools. The idea to do this started when Lori Guerrini, school librarian at the Chagrin Falls Middle and High School, and I thought it would be a good idea to get the message out about school libraries to our community.The Chagrin Falls and Kenston schools are within a few miles of each other and many of the community groups in our area have a membership that represents both school districts. In particular, we decided to focus on a Rotary group that meets in the Kenston schools and recognizes student achievement in both districts with the "Student of Month" award. Both Lori and I have developed presentations and made our first presentation one we shared with our own board of education. Next stop, Rotary! We are sharing our resources in hopes that you, too, will take whatever you find useful to "shout out" about your school library! What are some groups in your community that might be looking for a speaker? Here are a few that come to mind. When you join this wiki, feel free to add more!
  • Rotary Club
  • Lions Club
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Women's Clubs